Good Friday: DART Stations Of The Cross

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DART Stations of the Cross is a community art project which links an ancient spiritual practice with mass transit. It is presented on Good Friday by two emergent churches in the Dallas area, Church in the Cliff and Journey. Participants are encouraged to arrive at the Mockingbird DART station between 6 and 7 pm this Friday, April 2nd and to look for volunteers with black armbands.

Volunteers will provide a set of fourteen devotional cards comprised of original paintings and poetry reflecting on the traditional themes of the Stations of the Cross. Riding from Mockingbird to the end of the line in South Dallas participants are encouraged to flip cards as they pass through the stations and to consider the ways they encounter God’s presence, or absence, in the urban landscape. You will be asked to get off the train three times — at Pearl, Union, and Ceders– as a movement of solidarity with Jesus each time he falls. (At all of these stations volunteers will greet you, and at the first one you will have the opportunity to donate to the Stewpot’s Open Studio which supports homeless artists). Once you reach Westmoreland, the last stop on the red line, you will receive final instructions before riding the train in silence back to Mockingbird station.

All are invited to participate! Ride alone or gather with a group of friends. For more information contact Courtney Pinkerton via email at churchinthecliff [at] gmail dot com.

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Technology & how it affects us: this week at Journey

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This Sunday at Journey (March 21st) I’ll be leading our discussion on Technology in light of our current Lent Journey. I ran across this funny video that illustrates well a point I’d like to make. The point is that technology does affect us. It affects how our brain processes information. I want to look at the difference between different time frames in history such as; before the printing press society was primarily an Oral one. They told stories. Then with the printing press we had a more left brain linear way of learning by words on pages instead of spoken. Now with technology of images we have a whole new way of processing what we see and hear. I like this video because it shows how our brain works differently when different forms of “technology” (or lack thereof) tells us something. Enjoy…

Also something we will talk about is a recent trend of “unplugging” from all the technology we are constantly around. I like the take on it from this group:

Hopefully watching these will give you a good little start to spark your thinking as we talk about this subject! See you at journey on Sunday at 5:00pm!

Lent Reflection

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Lent reflection by John Loving:

The season of Lent is the on-going and never ceasing practice of Christian reflection of the final weeks of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It is a season during which those who follow the way of the Lord contemplate the meaning of not only his actions, but of our own. We ruminate over the sayings of Jesus, and ultimately of our own. This is the season of Christian thinking, true Christian thinking, to which all theology must ultimately bow the knee and acknowledge its weakness, its incomplete nature. Christian theology, no matter its content, must recognize that it is hollow until it is informed by this season, in the shadow of both the life of Christ in these weeks, and in the practice of the Church.

But it must also be recognized that the season of Lent is not one only of contemplation. Contemplation is limited in its efficacious results, and the wisest of women and men may be far from being what, according to Christian faith and quite in opposition to ancient Greek (and even current) philosophy, is the perfect and highest life. The season of Lent is not restricted to contemplation, but is also a season of action. This is the season in which the Church, as a whole and in its individual members, either give something up or take something else in practice as a means of remembering the sacrifice of Jesus for the world. But this cannot be the end of our practice. Our practice is ultimately empty, as “filthy rags,” unless it is coupled with acts of graciousness and self-abnegation for the sake and well-being of our neighbors.

Hence the practice of Lent is to practice not only a constant state of remembrance of the grace of our God, but it is also to emulate that grace upon the world. It is to wage war against the selfishness of our being, it is to be willing to save others who need saving, even if they do not realize that they are in need. This is not a call for a militaristic form of evangelization, but it is a call to be always in realization of our shortcomings in the light of the actions of our God, who was crucified not only for our sins, but also the sake of the poor, the captive, oppressed, for whom he became bound in order that they may be free. It is for us, in order to realize the severity of our hubris and to be freed from it, and thus free to be a force that will raise our voices for the freedom of those who are oppressed by the powers of the world.

Lent, then, is not simply the season of remembrance. Lent is not only a time of the year when we give up something for a period of a few weeks. No, Lent is more, much more than that. Lent is the heartbeat of the Christian life, because Lent is the act of repentance and transformation. The death of Jesus of Nazareth is the only way to life, to resurrection, to the world transformed. The season of Lent cannot end on Easter Sunday. Lent continues through the year, and if we do not recognize this fact of the Christian life then we are guilty of the same sort of hard-headedness of those who, in the Jewish Scriptures, did not recognize that the Sabbath was a time to do good. We are commissioned to be transformed in the image of Jesus. This is the purpose of Lent.
Vicit agnus noster, eum sequamur. Our Lamb has conquered; him let us follow.

Looking at the Didache

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Last week we had Tony Jones speak to us at Journey about the Didache, which is an early church manuscript. We will be continuing our series on this little book for the next 3 weeks at Journey. This week we will read together the beginning of the Didache which talks about the 2 ways, one of Life and One of Death.

You can listen to the audio of the reading of the full text of the Didache HERE.

You can also read the full text HERE online.

Join us on Sunday as we discuss this book together.

Tony Jones- January 17

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Tony Jones will be with us on Sunday, January 17 to kick off a series on the Didache, an early handbook on Christian practice. Tony’s new book on the Didache, The Teaching of the Twelve, released earlier this month.

We hope you’ll join us for what will be a great start to a great series!

New Year 2010 at Journey

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Join us at Journey on January 3rd at 5pm for our 1st gathering of 2010! Come take a moment to regroup from the holiday whirlwind and join us this New Years weekend! We will have an extended time of response as we travel through stations of meditation to reflect on the year past and consider the gift of the year to come. We hope it will be a great way to start off 2010 with intention and, of course, hope!

We will have some visually stunning representations of our hope for 2010. It’s a perfect time to join us if you haven’t been in a while.

Gifts for The Well

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This year as part of our Advent Conspiracy we are continuing our tradition of adopting Well members at Christmas and bringing them gifts. (The Well is a ministry for people with mental illness.) For many of them, our gift will be the only one they receive. In the past we’ve purchased items from personalized wish lists but this year they are trying something new. They are asking us to bring $40 Wal-Mart giftcards. It is a real treat for them to be able to go shopping and pick out exactly what they want; something we often take for granted. They will be able to purchase clothes as well as toiletry items and food. There will be a designated day when all of them will load up in the bus and go shopping together, so it will be a communal activity also.

Thanks to all who have already signed up to bring cards! You can find the sign-up sheet on the blue table in the entryway. Checks can be made out to Journey. And don’t forget, you can also go in on a card with friends! The deadline to bring money for the cards is Sunday, December 13.

Journey participates in Advent Conspiracy

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We talked last Sunday about ways that we could live out the meaning of Christmas with our actions this season. Advent conspiracy is a unique way to look at it.

Why spend money on things they don’t need or don’t want?
Why get stressed about money and shopping this year?
We think there must be a better way, so here are some things Journey is doing to spread the love…

-We encourage you to re-evaluate how you spend Christmas individually, as a family, and as a community.

-Below are some links to great organizations you can give to if you spend less on Christmas – or – if you want to give a gift to someone as a donation to one of the organizations.

-Think of creative ways to give the gift of ‘presence’.

-Join Journey as a community as we work together to reach our goal of raising enough money to help one family for one year (details on whether this will be done through Heifer international or The Well community to be announced next Sunday at Journey)

Some Links:

Living Water International

Trade as One

If you need some others ideas you can check out the Advent Conspiracy site.
Here is the video for this year:

Release Party For ‘The Boundary-Breaking God’ Nov. 9th

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Come join in celebrating the release of Danielle’s 1st book, “The Boundary Breaking God.” This is going to be fun people! Bring your friends or neighbor or someone who you think would like the book! Big thanks to Misty Keasler and Brian Gibb for hosting at the amazing art gallery, The Public Trust. Light hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided.

You can buy the book at the party and have it signed! They will be available for $16 (list price is $20!)

Read some excerpts at the books page on Amazon HERE.

When: Monday November 9th 7-9pm, Click HERE for google map

I’ll leave you with the endorsement from the Front cover of the book:

“I am more than grateful for this book. It is not only true, it is also beautiful to live with God’s promise in the heart and God’s enlarging horizon before your eyes.”
-Jurgen Moltmann

Anniversary Party Pics!

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In June we had our 10 year Anniversary bash, and while we spent most of the evening mingling, eating and singing, we managed to take a few shots. Enjoy!