#JourneyReboot – A message from our Pastor

#JourneyReboot – A message from our Pastor

Hey friends, we want to fill you in on what’s going on at Journey. We’ve been talking over the last few months about our potential, God’s call on our community, and our hope for the future. We feel like we’ve reached a time to move into a new era for Journey. And we’ve made the beginnings of a plan toward that end.

Starting January 1—literally January 1 because it falls on a Sunday—we are building something new. We are going to meet over the month of January and February to do some building—an art wall, room dividers and so on—in order to make the room we use (thanks United Disciples!) more…suitable? functional? appealing to our taste? We’ll use our typical meeting time, plus some (think 4-6 pm each Sunday of January and February) to complete the project.

But while we work on that, we’ll have an even more important project in process. We’ll be building a new community. We’ll join in the work for justice already happening around Dallas and Richardson. We’ll work our way along the path, laughing (certainly), crying (maybe…we aren’t really big criers, but there’s room for all the emotions, you know?) and growing (if we’re doing it right) as we go. We don’t know exactly what the road will look like, or where we’ll end up, but we know we plan to have fun in the process. And we know we plan to look for God’s work along the way, so we can join in building justice and peace in our community.



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