Upcoming Series – Disarming Discord: Cultivating Connection in a Polarized World

Upcoming Series – Disarming Discord: Cultivating Connection in a Polarized World

We sometimes struggle to talk about important things with people who see the world differently than we do. Sometimes the divide in worldview is so extreme, we even fail to remember that those on the other side of whatever issue are fully human. We assign deviant intentions or lack of intelligence to the people in the opposing camp. But we are called to better. We long for better.

We are going to spend some time at Journey over the next two months talking about how to do better. Based on the Principles of Nonviolence, we will look at ways we can shift our perspective so relationship beyond disagreement becomes possible.

  • July 10: All Life is One
  • July 17: We each have a piece of the truth and the untruth.
  • July 24: Human beings are more than the evil they sometimes commit.
  • July 31: The means must be consistent with the ends.
    This week Jason Reddick from the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty will come speak to us about the death penalty in Texas. Then we will have time to talk about this idea in terms of the death penalty.
  • August 7: Discussion Break
    We’ll take time this week to process the first four weeks of the series.
  • August 14: We are called to celebrate both our differences and our fundamental unity with others.
  • August 21: We reaffirm our unity with others when we transform ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ thinking and doing.
  • August 28: Our oneness calls us to want, and to work for, the well-being of all.
  • September 4: Discussion Break and Holiday Weekend Dinner
    Again we will take time to process the series. And also enjoy one another’s company on this holiday weekend.
  • September 11: The nonviolent journey is a process of becoming increasingly free from fear.


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